Food Chains

Word of the week: photosynthesis a process in which plants use energy from the sun to make water, carbon dioxide, and minerals into oxygen.


food chain shows how energy is passed from the sun to plants which are then eaten by animals, who are then eaten by other animals,this process repeats until you reach the top of the food chain. 

food chain


  • Scissors
  • Glue and tape
  • Colored paper or cups
  • Coloring supplies


  • First you have to choose your food chain and print them out. (you can add the sun too!)
  • Color and cut out the animals
  • Glue the animals  onto cups or if you use the colored paper you can roll them into different sizes and then glue the animals on.

Questions to ask: 

  1. Do you know what a carnivore is and can you pick them out of your food chain?
  2. Do you know what a herbivore is and can you find them in your food chain?
  3. What is an omnivore?
  4. What is a predictor?
  5. What is the difference between a food chain and a food web?

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